About me


I am a member of Institute for Advanced Study. I earned my Ph. D. in Mathematics in 2011 from Seoul National University, under the supervision of Young-Hoon Kiem. After that, I spent two years at University of Georgia as a postdoc working with Angela Gibney, and four years at Fordham University as a Peter M. Curran visiting assistant professor. Before I went to graduate school, I studied Mathematics Education in Seoul National University.

I am broadly interested in geometry, topology and combinatorics of algebraic varieties. My recent research is focused on (1) Topology of moduli spaces of curves and sheaves, (2) Log minimal model program of moduli spaces, and (3) Computational aspects of geometric invariant theory and its application to moduli theory.

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address: 217 Simonyi Hall, 1 Einstein Drive, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ 08540
e-mail: hmoon at ias dot edu